Welcome to Hawkee

Hawkee is a writing platform for web developers. Our goal is to give developers an outlet to write elegant and beautiful articles containing code and demos. Hawkee was originally built to share code snippets, but it has evolved into more than just a pastebin. There are an innumerable number of content management systems and writing platforms, so what sets Hawkee apart? We have an untutive page editor that utlizes Markdown and CodeMirror to quickly and easily write about code. We also support CodePen to demonstrate your code in action. No other writing platform focuses so much on developers.

Hawkee is an open network where everything is public and freely available to share. Our system works very much like Twitter in that users can follow and be followed. Developers can build a following and earn points by contributing valuable content and feedback.


Hawkee has a rich history and has been online for years. Here's a brief history of all the changes we've gone through:

  • 2014 - Redesign and new logo
  • 2014 - Introduced Markdown page editor
  • 2014 - Upgraded to Bootstrap 3
  • 2014 - Upgraded message system
  • 2014 - Retired hardware price comparison engine
  • 2013 - Started using Bootstrap
  • 2013 - Responsive design
  • 2012 - Status updates, user following
  • 2012 - Social login for GitHub users
  • 2010 - Started using Sphinx Search for searches
  • 2009 - Social logins for Facebook and Twitter users
  • 2009 - Added app submissions and app section
  • 2008 - Site redesign using template from Brian Gardner
  • 2007 - Started aggregating hardware reviews
  • 2006 - Basic social networking functionality
  • 2005 - Added hardware price comparison engine to help with revenue
  • 2004 - Started branching out from mIRC to other languages
  • 2004 - Code snippets were introduced
  • 2004 - Site rewrite in PHP using phpBB2 as a foundation
  • 1997 - Hawkee began as a perl-based mIRC script archive and forum

Our Goal

Our goal is to compliment sites like GitHub and StackOverflow by offering more social interaction among developers while providing a friendly atmosphere to write and share.

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