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PennyBreed created a Page  -  Mar 12, 2014

This custom selector will match element attribute values, with case-insensitivity.

sean created a Page  -  May 22, 2013

This is a simple example using Push and Popstate. This practice is becoming more common throughout sites such as Twitter and Facebook for changing a URL within the address bar without reloading another page. Typically this allows users to bookmark or share URLs when sites are using some type of infinite scroll.

ProIcons created a Page  -  Mar 14, 2013

scrollAppend Appends results as you scroll - original made by Hawkee (2012)

Hawkee created a Page  -  Feb 21, 2013

This will take a string of keywords and wrap a highlight span around each word. It takes two inputs: keywords and element:

Hawkee created a Page  -  Feb 12, 2013

This uses jQuery to convert an HTML string containing < code > tags into language specific CodeMirror containers. This supports a "lang" attribute to indicate the CodeMirror mode for each code block. Here is some example input:

Hawkee created a Page  -  Apr 16, 2012

This will automatically append the next page of results as you continue to scroll down a page.

Hawkee created a Page  -  Mar 22, 2012

This widget lets you search for users to @mention in your posts. It works very much like Facebook and Google+ in that it supports users with spaces in their name. It writes to a hidden field with the user ID's formatted in this way: @ [12345] while showing @username in the input box. You can save the encoded string for easier parsing at display time.

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