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sean   -  Dec 07, 2014

@Hawkee The link to Account from within the right off canvas nav doesn't work :) is a white (blank) page. Just an FYI

sean   -  Oct 14, 2014

@Hawkee Looks some of the bbcode isn't being translated into markdown. I noticed Color and Url.

sean created a Page  -  Sep 14, 2014

Below is a very simple example of how to create a basic websocket using node.js. Websockets are great for maintaining a server/client relationship without as much of the overhead of HTTP web traffic. Today, websockets are used to build a magnitude of browser-based real-time applications (live chats, multiplayer games). Basically it's a persistent connection between the server and client in which both..

sean   -  Apr 09, 2014

@Hawkee Have you considered allowing users to create vanity URLs for profile pages? (similar to Facebook, Google+ etc.)

sean created a Page  -  Feb 24, 2014

Setting up a GET endpoint in Express is straight forward. However, creating a POST endpoint took a little research as the data posted to the endpoint isn't readily available without some intervention.

sean   -  Nov 12, 2013

@Hawkee I've updated my Location (within Settings) but, the old still remains on my profile. Is this a bug?

sean   -  Sep 03, 2013

@Hawkee Thoughts on AngularJs?

sean commented on a Page, Highlight Keywords on Page with jQuery  -  May 22, 2013

Great snippet! However, I might have made this a jQuery plugin instead (since we're in the jQuery section :P). This way you could chain the element while offering other (future) parameters. Consider the following implementation:

  words: ['keyword1', 'keyword2'],
  effect: 'fadeIn'

Is there a reason you decided against that route?

sean created a Page  -  May 22, 2013

This is a simple example using Push and Popstate. This practice is becoming more common throughout sites such as Twitter and Facebook for changing a URL within the address bar without reloading another page. Typically this allows users to bookmark or share URLs when sites are using some type of infinite scroll.

sean commented on a Page, PHP Dateify!  -  May 22, 2013

I agree with the "over coding" statement but, this is certainly a good start. I urge looking further into the date() function (specifically the 'M' flag), as your last line could have been

date('M j, Y', $stamp);

Also your suggestion about appending 'ago' will provide undesired results after 24 hours. (ex: May 22, 2013 ago).

Sidenote: I've made a similar function some time ago here, if you'd like a friendly reference :) I hope to see more PHP contributions!

sean   -  Feb 28, 2013 Light Table is a new interactive IDE that lets you modify running programs and embed anything from websites to games.

sean commented on a Web App, Regex101 - free regular expression tool  -  Jan 10, 2013

Impressive tool. Will certainly bookmark this for future reference :)

sean   -  Jan 10, 2013 nice little tool that produces decently written code. Nice little time saver :)

sean   -  Jan 02, 2013

Brackets is an open-source editor for web design and development built on top of web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The project was created and is maintained by Adobe.

sean   -  Nov 27, 2012

@Hawkee Whatever happened to MyHawkee? I know it was years ago but, it just fizzled out :P

sean commented on a Page, Random Fake CTCP version Reply  -  Nov 21, 2012
var %version = mIRC Version 7.0
hadd -m ctcp version %version
echo -ae $hget(ctcp, version)

Hash tables are easy to use. Perhaps it's something you should look at a bit more in depth. Also, it's not the compiler's full responsibility. As a developer, it's imperative that you understand the language you're developing in. :)

PS: Please excuse my horrible MSL syntax, haven't touched it in awhile.

sean commented on a Page, Random Fake CTCP version Reply  -  Nov 21, 2012

That kind of mentality keeps newbies from learning more and progressing their craft. As developers, performance should always be high priority :)

sean commented on a Page, Random Fake CTCP version Reply  -  Nov 21, 2012

@raccoon That's actually an excellent point. However, I would use a hash in lieu of a global variable. Not only are they automatically cleared upon exit but, they're also faster and less resource intensive.

sean commented on a Page, [PHP] mIRC Identifier Library : mIRC.lib.php   -  Nov 18, 2012

Yup @Hawkee is right. You'll want to make use of variable functions to pull this off correctly :)

sean commented on a Page, Javascript Objects built atop other Object Constructors  -  Nov 15, 2012

@Hawkee Agreed. Many languages are built on top of others :)

sean   -  Nov 12, 2012

@Hawkee this is still happening :P

sean commented on a Page, AVH: Alliance Vs. HORDE v2.1  -  Nov 10, 2012

Yup, I would also look into using Hash Tables so you're not reading from disc on every call :)

sean commented on a Page, Timer for in a bot.  -  Nov 07, 2012

I read your description and I'm very familiar with how PHP and IRC bots function; I didn't notice your comment at the bottom however.

sean commented on a Page, Timer for in a bot.  -  Nov 06, 2012

$AntiAbuse will never trigger since the variable isn't within the scope of timer_add(); Also, having an infinite loop would prevent any other action from executing that's included after while(1) block.

sean   -  Nov 03, 2012

@Hawkee I'm not able to scroll to the bottom of this page in Chrome Win7.

sean commented on a Page, Create MySQL User with all Permissions  -  Nov 03, 2012

I've found myself coming to this post a couple of times! :P

PS: Love the new snippet layout; much cleaner.

sean commented on a Page, Compiling SphinxSE against mySQL 5.5  -  Nov 03, 2012


It almost feels a bit awkward posting tutorials like this with the continuous code tag usage. You're also not able to put text after the snippet area :P

sean commented on a Page, Tables sorted by size in Megabytes  -  Oct 09, 2012

I'm with @Hawkee as well. CLI does provide far more flexibly and you remove the PHP 'middle-man' with things like large SQL files. I've actually used Navicat for years and it's been great. Not only does it provide minimal client-side GUI but, it allows for CLI access. They've had a lite version out since I can remember but, I'm having an issue finding it at the moment. It's a great tool and I would highly recommend it!

sean commented on a Page, Pagination Function - Rounded Gradient Buttons  -  Oct 04, 2012

@Hawkee On an unrelated note, any update on the firefox/chrome/ie percentages a year and a half later?

sean commented on a Page, Ubuntu Server Virtual Guest Creation  -  Aug 09, 2012

Nope, never seen it work like that anywhere. It just would have been nice to be able to manually color objects in code rather than switching to quote tags.

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