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montan created a Page  -  25 days ago

Are you a content creator or social media influencer without access to expensive equipment for producing high-quality professional videos? No need to worry! With the Wink Mod apk Video Retouching Tool, you can make your reels and shorts more appealing and of higher quality using advanced AI-powered retouching capabilities. The Wink video editing tool is renowned for its ability to transform low-quality..

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abobus created a Page  -  May 16, 2024

In and of itself, finding a reliable online casino might seem like a high-stakes game. Players in today's oversaturated market need to seek for trustworthy platforms that provide a wide selection of games and a safe haven for their funds. Standing out in this field, Limitless Casino provides players with a multitude of gaming alternatives, a user-friendly design, and strong security measures to protect..

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DateMyAge Review -OkThumb created a Page  -  May 09, 2024

DateMyAge is a website for online dating that allows you to search and interact with others according to your level of attraction. This platform provides a smooth link for mature individuals seeking companionship, romance, or committed relationships. You can browse profile pictures to see if someone grabs your attention. In addition, DateMyAge provides communication options such as chat messages, email,..

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nowefilmyonline created a Page  -  Mar 30, 2024

Civil War zabiera widzów w podróż do nieodległej przyszłości, prezentując scenariusz wojny domowej w Stanach Zjednoczonych. Konflikt wywołany przez skorumpowanego lidera skłania ludność do powstania przeciw władzy. Opowieść skupia się na Lee, fotografce zajmującej się tematyką wojenną, która w Waszyngtonie przechodzi przez niebezpieczną misję pokazującą okrucieństwo konfliktu..

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taylarnguyenvn created a Page  -  Mar 09, 2024

Xoá xăm môi là nhu cầu cấp thiết của nhiều người khi màu phun xăm không ưng ý, quá đậm hoặc muốn xăm một màu mới đẹp hơn. Vậy xoá xăm môi như thế nào? Hãy tham khảo những phương pháp được Taylar Nguyen chia sẻ dưới đây. Định nghĩa về Xoá Xăm Môi Xoá xăm môi là nhu cầu cấp thiết của nhiều đấng mày râu và..

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nowefilmyonline created a Page  -  Mar 05, 2024

Zapraszamy do łatwego oglądania filmów i seriali online! Na znajdziesz zarówno nowe produkcje, jak i te starsze, ale cieszące się uwielbieniem widzów. Odkryj najlepsze filmy online, obejrzyj najnowsze premiery filmowe i nadrob zaległości w ulubionych serialach. Bez względu na to, czy szukasz nowości, czy klasycznych produkcji, nasza strona zaspokoi Twoje potrzeby. Kliknij..

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onendfloan created a Page  -  Feb 27, 2024

Planning your financial future is a crucial step towards achieving your goals and aspirations. The Mahila Samman Savings Certificate Calculator is here to assist you in making informed decisions about your savings. This user-friendly tool allows you to estimate the growth of your savings under the Mahila Samman Savings Certificate, 2023 scheme.

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aliallage247 created a Page  -  Jan 10, 2024
RealJapaneseGreenTea created a Page  -  Dec 11, 2023

Hello, I'm Green Teasdale, a fervent advocate and connoisseur of Japanese green tea. Living in the heart of Japan's lush tea-growing regions, my life is deeply intertwined with the culture, history, and art of green tea. With an extensive background in researching and promoting green tea, I've become an authoritative voice in the tea community, especially on platforms like

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ClarissaAdrian created a Page  -  Nov 23, 2023

Para transformar código em lucro, é importante encontrar oportunidades de mercado ou resolver problemas específicos. Que tipo de código ou projeto você está trabalhando? Com mais detalhes, posso fornecer orientações mais precisas. Veja também 20bet é confiavel

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ClarissaAdrian created a Page  -  Nov 23, 2023

Freelancing e Desenvolvimento de Projetos: Ofereça seus serviços como freelancer em plataformas como Upwork, Freelancer ou Fiverr. Desenvolva aplicativos, sites ou programas personalizados para clientes. Casas de apostas com bonus

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Dkek02 created a Page  -  Nov 06, 2023

MX Player Pro is a premium media player app for Android developed by J2 Interactive. It offers robust features, impressive codec support, and an ad-free experience. With powerful hardware acceleration, it ensures smooth video playback on various devices, even those with lower specifications. The wide codec support makes it a top choice for users who frequently watch videos or movies on their mobile..

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Denis-14578 created a Page  -  Aug 03, 2023

Введение Интернет изменил нашу жизнь во многих аспектах, и финансовые услуги не стали исключением. Быстрый кредит онлайн стал популярным решением для многих людей, ищущих срочное финансовое облегчение. В этой статье мы..

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lindarathermark created a Page  -  May 20, 2023

Creating a Pokemon ROM game involves a complex and extensive development process, including coding, asset creation, game design, and more. Writing code for an entire Pokemon ROM game is beyond the scope of a single response. However, I can provide you with a basic example of code to give you an idea of how certain features might be implemented. Please note that this code is just a small snippet and..

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JosephKirby created a Page  -  Apr 01, 2021

It works if the title is displayed and the price, and if I add a picture, it displays an empty list

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OrFeAsGr created a Page  -  Jun 23, 2016
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Hi again! After some months i corrected some mistakes in this code and added a few things to make it act like a typical IRC Client. It will now use an alternate nick when the nick is already in use. It will now attempt to join the channel correctly and not attempt before successfull registration. It will now send a small adv message when it successfully joins the channel! Change INPUT_CHAN_HERE with..

Sorasyn created a Page  -  Jan 07, 2016

How long it's been since I've made a submission here. Just about two years, in fact.

gt.salles created a Page  -  Jun 07, 2013

PUG-PI it's the Python User Group from the Brazilian State Piauí. Together, we did a Dojo to solve this problem: The problem consists in given an input (a char), the program print all the letters from the alphabet until we find the given letter and then all the way back, doing this like a diamond. Something like this:

aboutscript created a Page  -  Jan 05, 2013
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Find out if a number is prime. If it isn't, you'll get a list of factors. It's useful for finding GCM and other miscellaneous things about numbers.

berend created a Page  -  Nov 15, 2012

EDIT: Changed te code to a better version

Dot created a Page  -  Sep 12, 2012

The infamous "Hello World!" Python code. It's really just a joke. I wanted to see how this site worked, how to post snippets, etc. etc. I'll be trying to upload more Python Code Snippets (that actually do stuff) as I learn them in school and at home.

Maximus1983 created a Page  -  Jun 27, 2012

Capture Web Screenshots easily with the GrabzIt Python API. You will need the free GrabzIt Python Code Library to get started.

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brbcoding created a Page  -  Jun 13, 2012

Python functions that will find the divisor, number of divisors, sum of divisors, totatives, and totient... I'm new to python, this snippet is my reponse to the problem posted HERE:

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TheImrac created a Page  -  Jan 08, 2012

Python script I made for our clans Knife and pistol server we ran for BF3.

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Sonny created a Page  -  Jul 21, 2011
theholder created a Page  -  Jun 09, 2011

a simple number guessing game

Firstmate created a Page  -  Mar 19, 2011

The script just let's you have colored nicks.

sunslayer created a Page  -  Feb 02, 2011
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started to learn python yesterday and found so i figured I'd give it a try

Back2Life created a Page  -  Dec 28, 2010

So, this was basically a test I did for some new functions in Python 3.1. It has really NO purpose, and is just something I worked on when I was bored.

R0K created a Page  -  Dec 24, 2010

I'm starting a new bot on IRC and I've finished the framework for it, so I decided to post it. It only has the IRC protocol's that I'm going to use, so some are excluded.

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