MIRC - Need help with COLOR SCRIPT

By shabee on Dec 12, 2018

Hello I need help with below snippet. This snippet will color/bold/highlight Background, Text, Punctuation, Capitals, Nicknames to different colors when I type something and press enter. This snippet will automatically check nickname from a channel list and change the color of the nick ONLY if detected in the text.

Only Background has the option to be disabled. How can I add option to disable Text, Punctuation, Capitals, Nicknames? Problem is lot of users have custom color code and black or other color chat background. If I choose black text, it blends in with their background and they can't see what I am writing. I need to have an option for "transparent color" for Text, Punctuation, Capitals, Nicknames so that the text I type will display whatever color setting they have. Is it possible? If so, whats the code?

Currently nickname can be ONLY colored. Is it possible to color & UNDERLINE nickname ONLY automatically as I type a text? If so, what would be the code for that?

Please see example below, I chose nickname color purple:

; -------------------------------------------------
; --------- Gummo's Colour Script v4.6.2 ------------
; -------------------------------------------------
#gum.colour on
on *:input:*: {
  ; Don't try to do anything if user typed a command or pasted a lot of text (or pressed ctrl+enter, see below)
  if (/* iswm $1) || ($inpaste) return
  elseif ($ctrlenter) {
    ; Allow easy setting of modes (if enabled). +/- modes with ctrl+enter will set them in a channel. Arguments allowed.
    if (%gum.colour.easymodes) && ($me ison $target) && ($regex($1-,/^(?:[+-][a-z]+)+/i)) {
      mode $target $1-
  ; Don't colour messages in certain rooms to avoid annoying people and/or to your preference. This line is optional.
  if ($istok(#Staff #Oper #Opers #Services #Services-Log #Log #Support #Appeals #Abuse,$target,32)) return
  ; Stop the script if the channel blocks coloured messages (channel mode +c)
  ; Note the $gettok since 'c' can exist in one of the arguments. I've had trouble with that previously.
  if (c isincs $gettok($chan($target).mode,1,32)) return
  ; Point of no return! We've stopped mIRC's default actions now, so we have to send the message.
  ; Don't edit the following three lines. They create temporary variables from the permanent ones for simplicity.
  var %bg %gum.colour.background, %txt  $+ %gum.colour.text, %punc  $+ %gum.colour.punctuation
  var %caps  $+ %gum.colour.capitals, %nick  $+ %gum.colour.nicknames
  var %punc2  $+ $base($right(%punc,-1),10,10,2), %punc3 $+(%punc,$chr(44),%bg)
  ; Preparing various variables
  var %regex, %chanregex, %puncregex, %nicks, %chans, %chanlist, %i 1
  ; Tokenize the text instead of putting it in a variable, to avoid mIRC's variable evaluation for simple maths..
  tokenize 32 $remove($strip($1-,rc),)
  ; Create a list of channels to be matched in the text, escaped to prepare it for regex.
  while ($chan(%i)) {
    %chanlist = $+(%chanlist,|\Q,$v1,\E)
    inc %i
  ; Set the channel regular expression (for finding channels, both in channel and PM)
  %chanregex = /(?<=\s|[(,+%@&~?!]|(?<!\w)[])(?=#[^\s,+%@&~]{3})( $+ $right(%chanlist,-1) $+ )(?=[[:punct:]]*[\s,]|[](?!\w))/gi
  ; Set a slightly different nickname regular expression for queries as opposed to channels
  ; Queries only match you and the nick you PM, while channels match any possible nickname (and channel) to avoid big loops
  if ($query($target)) %regex = /(?<=\s|\s[[{]|(?<!\w)[]|[.,'"<(+%@&~/\\])(\Q $+ $me $+ \E|\Q $+ $target $+ \E)(?=[[:punct:]]*\s|['"/\\=*@.,]|[](?!\w))/gi
  elseif ($chan) %regex = /(?<=\s|(?<!\w)[]|[.,'"<(+%@&~/\\])(?!\d)([^-,./:-@~ ×÷]{3,})(?=[[:punct:]]*[\s,]|[/\\=*@.,]|['"](?=\S{3,}\s|[\s,])|[](?!\w))/gi
  ; Prepare the symbols/capitals/smileys regular expression (for simplicity later)
  %puncregex = /((?i:\b[OVUX][_.]+[OVUX]\b|[:;=][A-Z]\b|\b[A-Z][:;=]\B|\b(?:X[DOP]|[DOP]X)\b|[^A-Z\s])+|[A-Z]+)/g
  ; If we're not sending text to a PM or channel, exit
  else return
  ; Now we'll move the channels (all known) into a variable and put ctrl+o in their place (to avoid confusion with ctrl+r)
  tokenize 32 $mid($regsubex(chans,/ $1- /,$iif(%gum.colour.highlightchan,%chanregex,),),3,-2)
  ; A simple loop to move the matched channels into the %chans variable
  %i = 1
  while ($regml(chans,%i)) {
    %chans = %chans $v1
    inc %i
  ; Now we'll move the nicknames into a variable (known and potential alike) and put a ctrl+r in their place
  tokenize 32 $mid($regsubex(nicks,/ $1- /,$iif(%gum.colour.highlightnick,%regex,),),3,-2)
  ; Another simple loop to move the matched nicknames into the %nicks variable
  %i = 1
  while ($regml(nicks,%i)) {
    %nicks = %nicks $v1
    inc %i
  ; If we were sending to a channel, remove potential nicknames which don't exist in the channel (and put them back into the text)
  ; Modified to also cater for channel matches
  if ($chan) {
    var %nn, %n $numtok(%nicks,32)
    while (%n) {
      %nn = $gettok(%nicks,%n,32)
      if (%nn !ison $chan) && ($me !ison %nn) {
        tokenize 32 $regsubex($1-,//g,$iif(\n == %n,%nn,))
        %nicks = $deltok(%nicks,%n,32)
      dec %n
  ; Now remove those pesky extra ctrl+r characters in %nicks
  %nicks = $remtok(%nicks,,0,32)
  ; Colour capital letters, emoticons and punctuation in one line since this negates a need for workarounds of any kind
  tokenize 32 $regsubex($1-,%puncregex,$+($iif(\1 isalpha && !$istok(XD.DX.XO.OX.XP.PX,\1,46),%caps,$iif($left(\1,1) isnum,%punc2,$iif($left(\1,1) == $chr(44) && $mid(\1,2,1) isnum,%punc3,%punc))),\1,%txt))
  ; Loop through each channel, colouring it and putting it back in its original place
  if (%chans) tokenize 32 $regsubex($1-,//g,$+(%nick,$gettok(%chans,\n,32),%txt))
  ; Loop through each nickname, colouring it and putting it back in its original place
  if (%nicks) tokenize 32 $regsubex($1-,//g,$+(%nick,$gettok(%nicks,\n,32),%txt))
  ; Finalise colouring and remove unnecessary colours
  tokenize 32 $regsubex($+(%txt,$1-,),/(?:\d\d?(?:\x2C\d\d?)?)+/g,)
  tokenize 32 $regsubex($1-,/\d\d?(?:\x2C\d\d?)? /g,$chr(32) )
  while ($1- != $regsubex($1-,/(\d\d?)(?:\x2C\d\d?)?([^]+)(\d\d?)(?:\x2C\d\d?)?/g,$iif(\1 == \3,\1\2,\1\2\3))) tokenize 32 $v2
  ; Put the background colour at the start (minimise character use as much as possible, even though it's a lot of code for that)
  ; This prevents requiring two colour codes at the start for no reason
  ; Also added check to add bold character to the start (if applicable)
  tokenize 32 $regsubex($1-,/^(\d\d?)(?!\x2C\d)(?=(.))/,$+($iif(%gum.colour.bold,),,$base(\1,10,10,1),$chr(44),$iif(\2 isnum,$base(%bg,10,10,2),%bg)))
  ; Message to target
  msg $target $1-
#gum.colour end

; Creating the menu for this script
menu channel,query {
  Gummo Colour
  .$iif($group(#gum.colour).status == on,Disable,Enable) $+ : {
    $iif($group(#gum.colour).status == on,.disable,.enable) #gum.colour
    echo $color(info) -a Gummo's Colour Script is now $upper($group(#gum.colour).status) $+ .
  .$gum.colour.greyed Background
  .$gum.colour.greyed Text
  .$gum.colour.greyed Punctuation
  .$gum.colour.greyed Capitals
  .$gum.colour.greyed Nicknames
  .$gum.colour.greyed(%gum.colour.easymodes) Easy Modes: {
    %gum.colour.easymodes = $iif(%gum.colour.easymodes,$false,$true)
    echo $color(info) -a Easy modes (typing a mode and then pressing ctrl+enter to set) are now $iif(%gum.colour.easymodes,enabled,disabled) $+ .
  .$gum.colour.greyed(%gum.colour.highlightnick) Highlight Nicks: {
    %gum.colour.highlightnick = $iif(%gum.colour.highlightnick,$false,$true)
    echo $color(info) -a Nickname highlighting is now $iif(%gum.colour.highlightnick,enabled,disabled) $+ .
  .$gum.colour.greyed(%gum.colour.highlightchan) Highlight Chans: {
    %gum.colour.highlightchan = $iif(%gum.colour.highlightchan,$false,$true)
    echo $color(info) -a Channel highlighting (as opposed to nickname highlighting) is now $iif(%gum.colour.highlightchan,enabled,disabled) $+ .
  .$gum.colour.greyed(%gum.colour.bold) Bold Text: {
    %gum.colour.bold = $iif(%gum.colour.bold,$false,$true)
    echo $color(info) -a Bold text is now $iif(%gum.colour.bold,enabled,disabled) $+ .
  .$gum.colour.greyed Presets
  .$gum.colour.greyed Reset to Defaults:if ($input(Are you really sure you want to reset to defaults? All of your current settings (other than presets) will be lost!,y,Reset to Defaults?)) gum.colour.reset -hard

; Special submenu for selecting a colour to save time coding
alias -l gum.colour.submenu {
  ; The alias will never call 0, so we make a workaround
  var %n $2 - 1
  var %cmd :set % $+ gum.colour. $+ $$1
  if (%n isnum 0-15) return $iif($(% $+ gum.colour. $+ $1,2) == %n,$style(1)) $colourname(%n) $+ %cmd %n
  ; We can't put 99 here or it wouldn't work, so we'll just pretend it's 16 :)
  if ($1 == background) && (%n == 16) return $iif(%gum.colour.background == 99,$style(1)) $colourname(99) $+ %cmd 99

; Special submenu for sorted presets (from temporary list, created elsewhere
alias gum.colour.presetmenu {
  if ($1 == 1) return Save As...:gum.colour.presetsave
  if ($1 == 2) return Refresh List:gum.colour.presetrefresh
  if ($1 == 3) return -
  if ($1 isnum) && ($gettok(%gum.colour.presetlist,$calc($1 - 3),44)) return $replace($v1,$chr(151),$chr(32)) $+ :gum.colour.presetload $v1

; Simplify the menu a little by checking whether to grey-out and/or tick the options via simple maths
alias -l gum.colour.greyed {
  var %x 0
  if ($group(#gum.colour).status != on) %x = %x + 2
  ; Allow for a tick when a variable was speficied and evaluated to $true
  if ($1 == $true) %x = %x + 1
  return $style(%x)

; Alias to reset variables to defaults (hard setting replaces ALL variables, soft or unspecified only fixes variables)
alias -l gum.colour.reset {
  var %forced $false
  if ($1 == -hard) %forced = $true
  if ((%gum.colour.background !isnum 0-15) && (%gum.colour.background != 99)) || (%forced) set %gum.colour.background 1
  if (%gum.colour.text !isnum 0-15) || (%forced) set %gum.colour.text 3
  if (%gum.colour.punctuation !isnum 0-15) || (%forced) set %gum.colour.punctuation 0
  if (%gum.colour.capitals !isnum 0-15) || (%forced) set %gum.colour.capitals 9
  if (%gum.colour.nicknames !isnum 0-15) || (%forced) set %gum.colour.nicknames 11
  if (%gum.colour.easymodes == $null) || (%forced) set %gum.colour.easymodes $true
  if (%gum.colour.highlightnick == $null) || (%forced) set %gum.colour.highlightnick $true
  if (%gum.colour.highlightchan == $null) || (%forced) set %gum.colour.highlightchan $true
  if (%gum.colour.bold == $null) || (%forced) set %gum.colour.bold $false
  ; Refresh the preset colours list while we're at it
  ; If forced (hard reset), the user will expect to know
  if (%forced) echo $color(info) -a Gummo's Colour Script settings reset to defaults.

; This alias will load the specified preset colours
alias -l gum.colour.presetload {
  var %settings $readini(gum.colour.ini,Presets,$$1)
  var %names background,text,punctuation,capitals,nicknames
  var %i 1
  while ($gettok(%names,%i,44)) {
    set $+(%,gum.colour.,$v1) $gettok(%settings,%i,44)
    inc %i
  ; Let the user know we just loaded a preset
  echo $color(info) -a Preset colour configuration $qt($replace($1,$chr(151),$chr(32))) loaded.

; This alias will save the current colour configuration as a preset (with confirmation for over-write)
alias -l gum.colour.presetsave {
  var %settings, %i 1
  var %names background,text,punctuation,capitals,nicknames
  var %name $input(Please enter a name to save for this colour preset:,e,Enter Preset Name)
  ; Replace spaces with a special dash (ASCII 151) to enable spaces in names and remove any commas for compatibility
  %name = $replace(%name,$chr(32),$chr(151),$chr(44),$null)
  if (%name) {
    ; Check for identical named colour preset
    if (!$readini(gum.colour.ini,Presets,%name)) || ($input(There is already a preset called $qt(%name) $+ . Do you want to over-write this preset?,y,Preset Already Exists)) {
      while ($gettok(%names,%i,44)) {
        %settings = $addtok(%settings,$($+(%,gum.colour.,$v1),2),44)
        inc %i
      ; Write the data and let the user know (delete any existing entry first to enable case-sensitive renaming)
      remini gum.colour.ini Presets %name
      writeini gum.colour.ini Presets %name %settings
      echo $color(info) -a Preset colour configuration $qt(%name) saved.
      ; Refresh the presets list of it won't appear in there

; This alias refreshes the list of presets (doing it as the menu opens is too intensive)
alias -l gum.colour.presetrefresh {
  var %presets, %i
  %i = $ini(gum.colour.ini,Presets,0)
  while (%i) {
    %presets = $addtok(%presets,$ini(gum.colour.ini,Presets,%i),44)
    dec %i
  ; Sort the list of presets for purely aesthetic purposes
  %presets = $sorttok(%presets,44,a)
  set %gum.colour.presetlist %presets

; Use this $colourname alias as you wish; customise it such that it matches your colours 0-15.
alias colourname {
  ; I know this could be done with a $gettok but then it would be harder to understand (and change, for that matter)
  var %ret
  if ($1 == 0) %ret = White
  if ($1 == 1) %ret = Black
  if ($1 == 2) %ret = Dark Blue
  if ($1 == 3) %ret = Dark Green
  if ($1 == 4) %ret = Red
  if ($1 == 5) %ret = Maroon
  if ($1 == 6) %ret = Purple
  if ($1 == 7) %ret = Orange
  if ($1 == 8) %ret = Yellow
  if ($1 == 9) %ret = Light Green
  if ($1 == 10) %ret = Teal
  if ($1 == 11) %ret = Light Blue
  if ($1 == 12) %ret = Blue
  if ($1 == 13) %ret = Pink
  if ($1 == 14) %ret = Dark Grey
  if ($1 == 15) %ret = Light Grey
  if ($1 == 99) %ret = No Background
  return %ret

; This just says thanks when they load the script, obviously
on *:load: {
  echo $color(info) -a ---
  echo $color(info) -a Thanks for using Gummo's Colour Script. :D
  echo $color(info) -a Right-click in a channel or PM to customise.
  echo $color(info) -a ---

; Reset any missing variables upon startup ('soft' settings)
on *:start: {
  gum.colour.reset -soft

on *:unload: {
  unset %gum.colour.*
  echo $color(info) -a ---
  echo $color(info) -a Thanks for using Gummo's Colour Script, sorry you want to remove it. :P
  echo $color(info) -a All variables related to this script have been removed.
  if ($isfile(gum.colour.ini)) {
    if ($input(The presets configuration file $chr(40) $+ gum.colour.ini $+ $chr(41) has not been deleted. Would you like to delete it?,y,Delete Presets?)) {
      .remove gum.colour.ini
      echo $color(info) -a Presets configuration file deleted.
    else echo $color(info) -a Presets configuration file remains.
  echo $color(info) -a ---


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