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By zenx on Jun 05, 2011

IMDB search


search="`echo $@ |sed 's/ /+/g'`"
wget "$search" -qO "$wgeturl"
tt="`cat "$wgeturl" |grep -m1 -oE "tt[0-9]{7}" |grep -m1 -E "(.*)"`"
rm "$wgeturl"
wget "$tt/" -qO "$tt.html"

title="`cat $tt.html |pcregrep -oMi "<title>(.*)</title>" |sed 's/<title>//g' |sed 's/<\/title>//g' | tr -d '\n' |sed 's/ - IMDb//' |sed 's/\ / /'`"
plot="`cat $tt.html |grep -E "<p>(.*)" -m 2 |sed 's/<p>//g' |tr -d '\n'`"
genre="`cat $tt.html |grep -oE '\/genre\/[a-zA-Z]+\"' |cut -d '/' -f3 |sed 's/\"$/ /' |sort |uniq |tr -d '\n'`"
language="`cat $tt.html |grep '\/language\/' |cut -d '>' -f2 |sed 's/<\/a//'`"
country="`cat $tt.html |grep '\/country\/' |cut -d '>' -f2 |sed 's/<\/a//'`"
keyword="`cat $tt.html |grep '\/keyword\/' |sed 's/<[^>]*>//g' |sed 's/\ / /'`"
rm "$tt.html"

if [[ "$tt" != "" ]]; then echo "$tt" ;fi
if [[ "$title" != "" ]]; then echo "Title: $title" ;fi
if [[ "$keyword" != "" ]]; then echo "Keyword: $keyword" ;fi
if [[ "$plot" != "" ]]; then echo "Plot: $plot" ;fi
if [[ "$genre" != "" ]]; then echo "Genre(s): $genre" ;fi
if [[ "$language" != "" ]]; then echo "Language: $language" ;fi
if [[ "$country" != "" ]]; then echo "Country: $country" ;fi


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zenx   -  Jul 23, 2011

Here's a snippet to download the poster from imdb (large)


search="echo $@ |sed 's/ /+/g'" ; ttlink="curl -s "$search" |grep -oiEm1 "\/title\/tt[0-9]+\/" |grep -m1 tt" ; imagelink="`curl -s "$ttlink" |grep -oE -m1 \/media\/[a-zA-Z0-9]+\/tt[0-9]+" ; image=curl -s "$imagelink" |grep -E "<img id=\"primary-img\"" |grep -oE "http\:\/\/[a-zA-Z]\/images\/[a-zA-Z0-9]+\/[_.a-zA-Z0-9@,]+.jpg"; md5=echo "$ttlink" |cut -d '/' -f3 |md5sum |cut -d ' ' -f1` ; if [ -f "cache/$md5.jpg" ]; then echo "$md5.jpg - löytyy" ; else wget -qO "cache/$md5.jpg" "$image" ; echo "$md5.jpg - tallennettu" ;fi

Hawkee   -  Jun 06, 2011

@zenx Why not add it to the snippet?

zenx   -  Jun 06, 2011

@xbox_gamer1: This isnt mirc and i'm sure everyone knows how to execute this script.
@hawkee: grep -m1 -oE "<span class=\"rating-rating\">(.*)\/10<\/span><\/span>"

Wade   -  Jun 05, 2011

xbox_gamer1 why would you need to close a brace that isnt opened? there is only 1 set of braces and thats on line 6 in the regex pattern.

Also there is only 1 way to execute this script, as with most bash scripts.

xbox_gamer1   -  Jun 05, 2011

at that last line add this:


and in the Description put in how to use this script

Hawkee   -  Jun 05, 2011

Pretty neat, but it doesn't convert HTML special chars back to their ascii equivalents. It'd also be nice to have the average score show up.

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