By Dot on Sep 12, 2012

The infamous "Hello World!" Python code. It's really just a joke. I wanted to see how this site worked, how to post snippets, etc. etc. I'll be trying to upload more Python Code Snippets (that actually do stuff) as I learn them in school and at home.

Although it might be useless to you, this is what introduced me to programming. A silly print statement I'll never forget.


#I have to find a way to make this snippet be at least 100 characters long, so I'm typing this useless comment.

print "Hello World!"


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Sorasyn   -  Sep 12, 2012

Welcome to Hawkee. I'm just thankful that it's not another mSL snippet. ;)

We all start somewhere, look forward to seeing some more snippets.

Dot   -  Sep 12, 2012

A work of beauty if I do say so myself.


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