berend commented on a Page, mIRC Korona Script v15.21 (Build: 299) - Available!  -  Feb 13, 2019

I mean, I would love to check some code, but I don't really feel like downloading an executable and installing it all on my PC, don't even have mIRC installed.

Alexandru  -  Feb 15, 2019

The Installer installs mIRC as portable version.. and this Installer doesn't write anything else outside the path where you install the script. Is not an InstallShield. Even is no Uninstall.exe! If the user wants to delete it, just delete the whole folder and that's all. Also, want to know that my Script is not made from the addons or have separate files for each script etc. The scripts is fully made by me.

berend  -  Feb 15, 2019

Ah cool, I was just curious, haven't done mSL in a long time, and looking at how bad my old code was I was just checking out some other people.

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