Lucius commented on a Page, Text Color 2.05.0  -  Sep 28, 2010

ok, I have 2 more suggestions to improve it, one is small, the other is pretty huge.

1st is the easy one.
How about server specific rooms, with the option for just server on off too. My missus uses rather bright colours so she can be told off in one #lobby but not another, and switching means forever switching them on and off. (yes she likes them that much)

2nd will be tougher but if implimented well... amazing
How about combining it with an acronym script, so that not only will it talk in those colours but replace lol and lmao and bbl etc. this will be tougher because the best acronyms are user defined replaces, and not only that, but the acronym would need to be placed inside text with it's user defined colour without altering the text afterwards (whether coloured or off)

If you can add those two things into the script, not only will you have my utmost gratitude... I will have to keep my missus away from you or she will be offering to have your babies.

I hope you decide to try this, for now I've shoved a plain colourtalker into an acronym script rather than use this (sorry but I like my acro), but it's far from adaptable, I also added a quick server/room restriction for my gf's copy, but it loses the acronyms when colours are off. I hope my plea fires your imagination for it, and look forward to a reply.

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