miromir237 commented on a Build, Tubular 8inch LongRange 3D printed Quad   2 hours ago  

Awesome beast.

Apeian commented on a Build, 2Fiddy 4in 6s Stealth Edition   7 days ago  

Hey...great build ;) - looking at your footage, it looks like you are having the same issue as me with the Insta360go - "Jello" on your footage. I got rid of that using a TPU mount and putting the camera in a vertical position instead of horizontal. Take a look at my footage from my 3d printed hex here:

ExplodingEvo   2 days ago 

it's really a function of the mount on the 250 frame I don't have the jello issues on my Protek25 that being said I'm going to be using different quads with the 03 air units on my next trip. I might take a GoPro bones but I had forgot to bring it

natasha622 commented on a Build, Build a 5" Long Range Drone - Transformer Ultralight   4 days ago  

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caffeine goat commented on a Build, Banana smoothie AOS35   7 days ago  

Happy to see more SG pilots are participating! That's a great build

Ifly@sgfpv   4 days ago 

thanks thanks....love your build too, so clean and well build, mime nothing compare to your.
nice to

Junnicutt commented on a Build, NoPro 6 inch LR cruiser   4 days ago  

i got those same motors and have been looking for something like this to do with them. awesome job. what antennas are those for the rc link?

GeKo_FPV   4 days ago 

cheers! Those are truerc - one is a flat 2.4 dipole and one is a long 'bardpole'

Junnicutt commented on a Build, Fractal 65   29 days ago  

I'm curious as to how disabling airmode helps in a hover? are you using bi-dir dshot and dynamic idle? great build and write-up though.

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Junnicutt   20 days ago 

i would think so from a theoretical perspective but I'd ask on betaflight slack or discord or whatever they use if you want to know for sure. But I'm pretty sure air mode raises (or lowers at full throttle) individual throttles to keep motor differentials able to control the quad. dynamic idle is more like a blheli_32 setting in that it keeps the motor spinning a certain rpm to avoid desyncs while allowing the motor to be driven at a lower throttle setting when rpms are still high to quicken deceleration. so airmode raises overall throttle to keep the differences in motor speed useful, dynamic idle only effects each individual motor. with air mode off and dynamic idle on your props wouldn't stop but you would still lose authority at low throttle.

Sticky_RiceBowl   20 days ago 

That was a great explanation! I never really thought of it that way but it makes total sense! I guess both are still important to keep then but Thank you very much for the explanation! but that still begs the question. Is it worth removing airmode when for those smaller type of quads with high power/weight ratios?

Junnicutt   4 days ago 

I'm not sure if turning off air mode is the right call since i don't fly anything like that. but what you're probably looking for is this https://github.com/betaflight/betaflight/wiki/4.3-Tuning-Notes#Linear-and-Dynamic-mixer-options. it's made to help with things like bouncing off the ground and lots off similar issues i think.

HKayda commented on a Build, 3" Punch   5 days ago  

i built one with 1506 motors, its a rocket

benjo   5 days ago 

put the build up bro! i gotta see it!

Rayz commented on a Build, AOS 5 - DJI O3 HD w/ Tmotor 2505 1850kv   5 days ago  

Thanks for posting this wrong17, and all of your builds, they are a joy to read. I'm mocking up an Aos 5 03 frame atm and will also be using an 03 air unit. It's going to be a bit challenging for me as its my first fpv build, but am not new to rc or flying. I'm going to use a full size mamba stack and T-motor f40 pro IV 2400kv's.

wrong17   5 days ago 

I am glad you enjoy reading my builds and I hope it helps you with your build! I just updated to the AOS 5 with a NEW camera mount, but have not had a chance to test it yet. Good luck with your build and let me know if you have any questions.

PANNY commented on a Build, Shocker 5" HD Tank DJI O3   6 days ago  

Thats one nice quad. Awesome selfie stick too!
I got a 4 inch Ultralight, thinking about adding the 03 air unit.
How did you mount the airunit ?

benjo commented on a Build, Diatone Roma F1 - #2   6 days ago  

you've inspired me! nice

MamaJOE commented on a Build, Buddy 2.0   6 days ago  

New build from old parts 👍 AAAnd best motors ever..

Silverwing   6 days ago 

Honestly, thats pretty close to the truth in my personal opinion!

Nice and clean! What did you use to hold the frames together? I was thinking of using JB Weld to double up on my Crux35.

MamaJOE   6 days ago 

Thanks for your comment! I just used longer screws and fixed the two frames at the motor mounts and the stack mount. Additional, I put some magic damping grease between the frames. It's so sticky that the frames are bond together and it helps to reduce vibration!

Rayz commented on a Build, Source One 7" Deadcat - Long Range   6 days ago  

Thats a clean looking bird. Thanks for posting the build.

antonio.krpina commented on a Build, GepRC Phantom HD v2   7 days ago  

Beautifull build I really like it, what flight time do you get and how do you like 1204?

airrage   7 days ago 

well thank you. 4.30-5min at the minimum, always. Infact this is currently my daily during the winter. the 1204s are perfect for this size and weight. tried 1106 shortly but that was no success, too nervous low on throttle.

airrage commented on a Build, rusty   7 days ago  

oh Wow! unbelievable, I like the rust parts. nice revival of a fallen soldier..

Ifly@sgfpv commented on a Build, 3s 1106 4500kv avan 3inch   25 days ago  

great build!
have u try 4s?
1106 4500kv can fly 4s on 3in props?

matthew saigon   7 days ago 

yes i have and it's fine.

choppergirl commented on a Build, Choppergirl's Big Wall of Videos   Dec 08, 2022  
choppergirl   7 days ago 

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Ifly@sgfpv commented on a Build, R316   9 days ago  

use impulserc driver fixer to get into dfu....there no need to press the bootloader button

table commented on a Build, AOS 5 - DJI O3 HD w/ Tmotor 2505 1850kv   10 days ago  

Hey, awesome build. I am building in the similar frame at the moment and this has been a great resource! I see that your xt60 leads are in the front and not the back, and I'm assuming thats because you managed to turn your esc 180* so that it would point towards the front. Where did you get the longer FC ESC cable thats long enough to rotate it so much? This is my first build so any advice is appreciated!

wrong17   9 days ago 

You are right about me rotating the ESC 180 degrees so I can run the power cable to the front. As for the ESC to FC cable, the one I had was just long enough so I did not need to get a longer one. You can get a DIY wiring kit to build your own cable if yours is too short. I have purchased this kit at least 5 times because I build a lot of different quads: https://pyrodrone.com/products/diy-sh-silicone-cable-kit

Make sure you file/sand the edges of the carbon fiber where any wires comes in contact too because over time it the sharp edges on the carbon fiber can cut through the silicon and create a short. The same goes with the battery strap, the point of failure is where the strap meets the frame. To be safe, make sure you file/sand it under a bath of water so the dust does NOT get air born and you breath it in.

wrong17   9 days ago 

I just noticed that Pyrodrone does not have the wires set in stock. You can get a similar kit at RDQ too: https://www.racedayquads.com/products/sh-1-0-silicone-cable-set?keyword=SILICONE%20CABLE%20KIT

Beware of the 2 different kits RDQ has, just get the one that works for you. In most cases, the "JST-SH Only" is all you need.