Just read some of your updates. Instead of using a throttle limit, try using motor output limiting. Where a throttle limit just limits your throttle range, motor output limiting is like turning down your kv and you therefore get more efficiency too because you'll be using less voltage. The equation is motor kv that you want divided by motor kv that you have and then multiply the quotient by 100. So in your case say you wanted 3950 kv you then divide that by 4600 (kv) and get about .85 multiplied by 100 = 85 so you'd set your motor output limit to 85%.

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wrong17   2 days ago 

Thanks again for your suggestion! I updated the quad with Motor Limit Output.

WoopWeep   12 hours ago 

yesssss! Great to hear that it's working out for you! I'd heard that thing you mentioned about motor spin up too but couldn't remember how to explain it in the last comment. I really appreciate you giving me credit for the the suggestion too, I genuinely want to help people in this hobby but I feel like people generally feel challenged or something if I offer a suggestion. Also, just to make sure that i'm giving proper credit, this is the video that first put me on to motor output limiting, but it sounds like you may have found it already:

happy flying!

wrong17   1 hour ago 

I am always open to suggestions and to try something new.
That is the exact video that I followed to setup my Motor Output Limits. It was simple and straight to the point. Most of the stuff can be done with the drop down menus but I think older versions of Betaflight you have to use CLI.

outcastfpv commented on a Build, Sub Atomic 2   3 hours ago  

Added Gemfan 2023 vs Emax Avan Micro 2 Punchout Comparison video

crashingdrones commented on a Build, Shendrones Hydrophobe   20 hours ago  

yout base plate is upside down btw, groove bits are supposed to be facing outwards :D

SlightlyScratchedCorolla   4 hours ago 

if you have read his original blog btw, you'd see he initially put the slots upwards. That's also how QSL built their Hydrophobe early on. Slots facing down does provide better heat dissipation but I don't want to going through the hassle of building this thing again.

kwadkenstine commented on a Build, Slam Z pusher props out   3 days ago  

Hi having issues with random ticks in the z axis.
Has anyone else had issues with hglrc f7 20x20

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kwadkenstine   2 days ago 

Unfortunately no its totally random.
Thanks tho

dafunk   10 hours ago 

I had random ticks in z axis on all my quads. Turned out to be iron dust on the hall gimbals of my remote.

kwadkenstine   5 hours ago 

Hi Good thinking , but it is only this one and i replaced the fc and it solved the problem. i put the fc in a tooth pic and it tried to fly to the moon

ayofpv commented on a Build, OneS Lightstick (< 27 gr.)   20 hours ago  

What screws are you using on the canopy to frame? The mobula canopy holes seem like perhaps M1.6 and M2 nylon screws can't seem to be forced in. Can you explain how you proceeded please

Sasquads   7 hours ago 

I used metal M2 screws

DoubleJackOnTap commented on a Build, Moongoat- TOO THE MOON!   10 hours ago  

Great build! Just curious do you prefer this frame or your Glide? I wanted this frame but waited several months for it to come off backorder. Finally gave up and ordered another Glide instead. I see that they are back in stock and was wondering if they are worth it?

CloslaRoche   7 hours ago 

Good question. Hard to say since they fly so differently. They're about the same AUW with a Session 5, but the Glide's motors are slightly heavier and have a ton more power. The Glide is a true-X versus the Moongoat is a squished-X. The Glide is definitely smoother but it flies a little more relaxed? You have to plan out your line a bit more with it. The Moongoat is very agile and feels like a much smaller quad than it is. Its pretty responsive in pitch due to the squished X layout. When I go for gaps and dives I feel like I have more room for error with the Moongoat. The Moongoat is also a physically smaller quad in all dimensions.

You can see here the Glide is just naturally smooth. I'm flying the Glide from 0:00 to 3:13. I'm flying the Moongoat from 3:13 onward and you can see its a little more agile.

DoubleJackOnTap   7 hours ago 

Cool video. That looks like an amazing spot to fly. Interesting that your Glide flys loose. Are you running Betaflight? Default PIDs? Both of my Glides are very tight and locked fliers. That is what I like so much about them compared to my other 5" rigs. Thanks for the comparison between the two. The

CloslaRoche   7 hours ago 

Yea I'm only on defaults thus far. Its not "loose", its very much locked in but it just feels like it has more momentum and you have to take advantage of that in your flying.

Polymerization commented on a Build, Dr. Evil   9 hours ago  

Great build! I love the green and purple motors!

LOWBATTERY   7 hours ago 


CloslaRoche commented on a Build, Dr. Evil   7 hours ago  

Your camera plates are upside down ;-)

LOWBATTERY   7 hours ago 

True i just noticed, gonna flip it soon

ayofpv commented on a Build, 1S ultralight 24g toothpick park flyer   20 hours ago  

How did you get the M2 screws to go into the mobula canopy? The mobula canopy holes seem like perhaps M1.6 and nylon screws can't seem to be forced in. Can you explain how you proceeded please

KristofFPV   8 hours ago 

I did exactly what you did. I took a screwdriver and made larger holes, to the size of the M2 screw :) Happy fly!

OptimaZe commented on a Build, Generative Design 75mm   1 day ago  

Nice! I grabbed the stl files from Thingiverse too and plan on printing one this weekend.

rocafel90   9 hours ago 

Did the printing work well? What types of supports did you use? I just used supports under the motor-mounts and even those were a pain to clean.

OptimaZe   8 hours ago 

I haven't printed it yet. I'm hoping to get it started this afternoon. I'll keep you posted.

rocafel90 commented on a Build, Toronto Micro Marathoner   9 hours ago  

Such an interesting and cool design!

Polymerization commented on a Build, Racer Mini   9 hours ago  

The LEDs look so cool!

Polymerization commented on a Build, Generative 75mm Ripper   9 hours ago  

Damn that is a really cool frame!

feeksfpv commented on a Build, TBS SuperPODRacer   12 hours ago  

how is the H7 going? tell us your experience with it
been looking to build a beast with H7 too

feeksfpv commented on a Build, The Ghost of Deezy - TBS Source PodRacer 4"   23 hours ago  

I'm running the same antenna on mine, the TBS one just lost its cap so I got these from my tiny whoop, works great, love the white canopy!

WoopWeep   12 hours ago 

yeah! I like these lil sigma antennas! I had specifically bought a TBS triumph antenna for this build but the current batch at my local shop are all a little longer than they used to be and it made it tough to fit the triumph in this build w/o bending up the antenna to uncomfortable levels. on the white canopy, i've printed a couple now but in some of this pics its just the stock tpu canopy spray painted white, it holds up suprisingly well! Also, I like your podracer setup too, I def checked out your page for inspiration for raising the pod. How's it holding up?

feeksfpv   12 hours ago 

it's an amazing build, super silent and super fast, same thing with the long tbs antenna type, for my sigma antenna I just put a rubber band around it to fix it to the canopy so it doesn't shake loose in flight, these ufl ports are not trusty at all!

OptimaZe commented on a Build, Dr. Evil   14 hours ago  

Awesome! I recently did a 3s analog build on that frame and really like it.

LOWBATTERY   13 hours ago 

Thanks, i enjoy flying it on 2S less power but more fun

davidbitton commented on a Build, CrashOften V2   1 day ago  

How does she fly on the 2207s?

Coxy   15 hours ago 

it flew ok, but ive miced on to an apex, kept breaking arms o the badger and it was to expensive to ship them to Australia.

swg_fpv commented on a Build, diatone r349 3' 4s   19 hours ago  

Looks good, but... Please re-do those solder joints (:

gfou   17 hours ago 

solder joints ok, it's warm glue on wires.

swg_fpv   17 hours ago 

Oh right, sure then... But there is a ground wire just loose on the front left

Zackthrills commented on a Build, XL8 X4 Quad   17 hours ago  

Hey my pilot name was Zackthirlls and I was sponsored thru JR radios when drones where first coming out and the xbus protocol is very fast just not used but I'm glade u figured it out or I would have been happy to walk you thru it. I have taken a long break from flying and racing and I am just now looking to get back into it and think I'm just going to go the common Taranis as it's just much easier and setup takes seconds but look forward to flying really soon

crashingdrones commented on a Build, QSL Hydrophobe   20 hours ago